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Links to the various parts of this 'verse as they're mostly being written for fan-flashworks and other like challenges.

Eventually this will go on ao3, but it's not there yet. So to organise it in the meantime...

(Pieces below in chronological order, splits mark vague sections - there's a whole lot of stuff to go between all of these, but they should make sense anyway?)

Title: an incomplete guide to chivalry
Author: down (dragon of winter nights)
Rating: probably a 15 or so overall
Relationships: Emeraude/Zagato, eventually Clef/Umi, Fuu/Ferio, and I'll get back to you on anything else ^^


Tempest: Umi, Fuu and Hikaru might have overcome their kidnappers, but the sea is something else.
on ffwks comm here

Galeforce: Eleru is the furthest, most storm-swept part of Cephiro, home to Clef - who is about to have three strange women washed up onto his lands, and has no idea the trouble they will both cause and save him over the years to come...
on ffwks comm here


Shelter: The three girls meet a stranger in the forest...
on ffwks comm here

Reference: In the aftermath of a battle, three women are hoping to enter the service of Queen Emeraude, but they have no one to speak for them...
on ffwks comm here

Indistinct: The Earl of Eleru rode in too late for anything but the very end of the battle. (Clef + Umi, Hikaru, Fuu)
on ffwks comm here

Reunion: "I made a resolution, once. I resolved that I would never leave you to bear this alone." (Emeraude + Ferio)
on ffwks comm here


Difficult: They both know how to be difficult. Tonight is Clef's turn. (Clef and Umi)
on ffwks comm here

Dutiful: "I cannot leave you! Not after all we have been through!" (Hikaru, Umi, Fuu - and Clef)
on ffwks comm here


Vows: "What kind of a plan is this, my lord?" (Fuu/Ferio)
on ffwks comm here

Tourney: “You are determined, then. To fight, disguised as some nameless person without reputation to warn you opponents what you are capable of-“ (Leaning strongly into Umi/Clef) (The first bit of this I wrote, heh)
on ffwks comm here

Favour: "Would you not tell us your name, and for whom you fought so valiantly?" (Totally falling over into Clef/Umi)
on ffwks comm here


Foundation: Fuu watches the city, and makes plans. (Fuu/Ferio)
on ffwks comm here

Badge of honour: “I am not issuing new badges to the whole of my retinue just because you think a dragon looks more impressive than my crest!"
on ffwks comm here
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