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Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Pairing: Eventual Clemi
Rating: 12/13ish. I think.
Notes: Japanese University au with magic! XD Was titled Academia - I decided I liked this slightly more. Plus, I've just been listening to too much Bad Company. XD
Disclaimer: I don’t own Magic Knight Rayearth or any of the characters portrayed in it. They belong to CLAMP, and are being used for 'creative purposes' only, as allowed. (see the legal information on clamp-net.com) All hail CLAMP! ^^

Summary: Clef is a mage whose powers are bound, a student perpetually unable to get his docterate because of it, and the frustration is killing him. Until an undergrad crashes - literally - into his life, a water mage called Umi, who accidentally kicks his life back into motion.

This is a draft - I'm really not sure about the beginning of the chapter, I think it'd work better with it cut up to the point where it cuts to what's going on in the present... but, um, a large part of this fic seems to be shameless whinging about rsi - Clef's having it even worse than me, and that makes me feel better. ^^;;; (Plus, there's some actual info in there somewhere...) Opinions?

Clef didn’t have too many friends, not as such – definitely not ones who understood. In the three years he’d been stuck like this, since the accident… it had been hard. The friends he did have had pulled him through it, so far…and he’d known each and every one of them well before it happened.

Meeting people was alright, and getting to know them had been fine; Clef had never really been shy. It was the first time he lost his temper in their vicinity that was the problem. It never seemed to take too long, either… it was when they saw him make bulbs blow, batteries die – sometimes, things even exploded, in a small and sullen manner.

Apologising for scaring them was okay, too, usually… it was the bit that came next, when they said; “so, I guess you’re on the postgrad mage program, right?”

“…Not as such. I’m just studying the history of magic at the moment, not theory or practical.”

“Oh?” And they always looked so confused. “Why’s that? You obviously have power, and I know you aren’t an undergraduate...”

Then the still quietly angry reply he had to make, couldn’t not make – “the government has bound my powers – I’m not allowed to do magic, or return to the program, until they decide I have the right level of control over my magic and my arm.” Sometimes more things exploded, in a rather unspectacular manner; like damp fireworks fizzling out. He didn’t mention the accident.

He didn’t want pity in the place of friendship.

After that, they would slowly back off and disentangle themselves from his life, slightly fearful. A mage whose power tended to escape even a full government binding and explode things, without control… he could see why. But he didn’t know what else to tell them, and they… they never asked him anything more, just left.

After a while, he had pretty much given up, and absorbed himself in the friends he had, and the studies he was allowed to do.

He spent a lot of time writing letters – badly and left-handedly – and e-mails, as most of them had left the University when they graduated, and were scattered across the globe… but a few of them were still there, and Zagato was one of them. So was the woman now poking his head thoughtfully, ignoring his wincing and noting things down distractedly. Until she jabbed at the point where his head had struck the ground roughly an hour before.

“Ow!” Clef yelped, batting her hands away and scrambling off the table, swallowing hard against the nausea the quick movement caused. “I thought you were meant to heal people, not worsen the damage already done!”

“Get back on the table, Clef.” She replied, not looking up from her notes.

“Not until you promise to quit poking me, I won’t.”

She looked up then, and sighed heavily, unimpressed. “Sit back down before you fall off your feet, or I have to make Zagato put you there.”

“…” Clef managed to hold the strong green gaze for all of ten seconds, before he swayed unintentionally, and sparks of black began to dance across his vision again. He hauled himself shakily back onto the tabletop, and leant heavily against the wall, screwing his eyes tightly shut against the white glare of the lamp overhead. Ignoring Emeraude prodding at his head was impossible, but he tried anyway.

By the time she finished and stepped away, he felt as bad as he had done when Umi first struck him – fairly unsurprisingly, as she’d drawn away the painkiller Zagato had smothered his mind with.

“Well?” He cracked one eye open to squint at her, trying to stay upright against the wall, and not sure he was succeeding. “Are you done yet?”

“You have a concussion, a lump on the back of your head that makes it look as if you were attacked by a madman wielding a hammer, and the beginning of some impressive bruising across your shoulders. Apart from that, you’re fine.” She turned to the charts of circle-designs stacked along the counter, and began to pull relevant ones out. “I can heal the worst of the concussion, and the bruising, but you’re going to have to stay with someone for the next twenty four hours, be woken every so often while you sleep, and not be up to doing much more than sleeping. Certainly not studying, and I wouldn’t advise going anywhere much for the next few days; even the convenience store will probably tire you.”

Grabbing a brush and ink bottle from the shelves, she began to draw out the array she wanted. The mass of wavy hair she had pulled back into a thick braid seemed to glow even more brightly gold as she worked, and Clef ‘s eye closed again.

“Seems a bit extreme for falling over, don’t’cha think?” He murmured, not quite slurring his words. He couldn’t see Zagato turn from the window to stare at him, concerned.

“Your main problem will be that your power tried to flare out and protect you from the impact, and basically failed. The power you called on is trapped in you by the binding, and it’s going to be forcing it’s way out through any weak point it can find – namely, the places you’ve been hurt. I can’t do anything about it, though; it’s still your power, I can’t control it. So you’ll have to put up with feeling lousy for a while, but at least it’s not really hurting you. Just stopping you getting better as quick as you’d normally be able to.”

“…meh.” Clef, who hadn’t really followed any of that clearly, gave in when a hand pushed gently on his shoulder, and slid down to lie flat on his back – head lain carefully on one side so he didn’t put any weight on the bruised area. “…kinda stupid if it can get out when I’m mad but not to help me…” he muttered.

The room grew warmer, and he could see the rich yellow light spilling from Emeraude even through his eyelids – then that warmth was rushing over him, drowning him, and he was weighed down into unconsciousness again.

The next time he woke, the shadows were deep and indigo across the room, the sky outside beginning to be spotted with stars. He was also in an entirely different building, in bed, and covered with a light quilt; but he took longer to notice that.

Pushing himself up took a moment, but he managed it, and blinked sleepily up at the looming darkness which had shaken him awake.

“Eh? Lantis…? What are you…”

The shadow straightened up, and the faint light from the open window revealed the face of Zagato’s younger brother – who looked so much like him that people tended to think they were twins, not a year apart. “You have a concussion, you shouldn’t sleep too long; you’ll go too deep.” He rumbled, with the same deep baritone his brother had. “And it’s tea time, so Emeraude said to wake you.”

“…hopefully this also means she cooked.” Clef lugged himself out of the bed, and tried not to lean against things as he walked.

He felt much better than he had since being run over – headachy, but not out of it so much… just a little slow, lethargic. Well, except for the muscles across his neck and shoulders, which seemed to have stiffened into a giant knot while he rested.

“You’re in luck; she found out how much food Ferio and I had between us,” as in, none, and Clef fought off a grin “and decided we were all eating together tonight.” Then they were walking out into the main room, and the light nearly blinded Clef for a moment.

“Would that everyone include your… friend, or isn’t he back yet?” Clef asked, not wanting to move and walk into something before his eyes had adjusted.

Lantis stopped, too, and Clef was still impressed that his voice didn’t change an ounce when he was teased about the Vision boy. “Eagle? He isn’t back from England yet, though he should be flying out on Saturday, midday.”

“Theirs or ours?”


“I guess I probably won’t see him until Tuesday, at least, then. Eights hours difference must be hell with jet-lag, and he won’t be here until Sunday morning our time…” His sight clearing, Clef was greeted by the welcome image of a table covered with food.

“Come on, you two, get over here. Let’s eat!” Was the fairly standard greeting they got from Ferio, the youngest of them all by two years, and Emeraude’s little brother. The five of them settled about her table, and soon the food was disappearing. Clef was eating a little less, a little slower than usual, but he didn’t feel ill. Just didn’t have quite as much of an appetite as usual.

“So, it’s easiest if you stay here tonight and tomorrow, and we’ll take turns to hang about when we’re free.”

“What?” Clef set his chopsticks down, and blinked over at Emeraude. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, with your brother trying to steal my food-“

“I was doing no such thing!” Ferio protested, in the background. “Lantis is much easier to steal from.”


“I was just saying it would be best if you stayed here tonight, and didn’t go back to your room – we’ll all hang about to watch you at different points, and there’s more space…” She cut across the threatening argument, and Clef nodded. It made sense, if she was going to insist he wasn’t alone; though they all lived in the same dorm building, everyone else had the usual tiny one-room-apartments, with a pod-like bathroom; Emeraude had the entire top floor, aside from the corridor people had to use to get out onto the roof and dry their clothes.

It was an apartment meant for the dorm’s manager, but times had changed, and the university no longer insisted the manager live in the building. It cost about three times what the others were paying, but the gods knew that Emeraude could afford it; She had a full kitchen, a bathroom that wasn’t so tiny it felt like being in an aeroplane, and three smaller rooms leading off from the main one, so one of these was a spare bedroom most of the time. She even had spare futons, for all the times they fell asleep (usually in the exam period) after staying up to cram all night. They might only live down the stairs, but working out where everyone’s keys had disappeared too just wasn’t worth it most of the time.

(And keys always disappeared in that place. None of them had figured out how, or why, but stay there half an hour and your keys would be gone, only to show up behind the sofa, or the sink – once, even, in the microwave of all places.)

Clef’s room would have to be attacked strongly before anyone else could get in, and he didn’t really want to argue with Emeraude; it wasn’t a good idea, he’d learnt that a long time ago. The five of them had grown up in the same village, and only collected themselves to the same university in the last year or so – back when they were kids, Emeraude had ruled them all whenever she wanted to; that Zagato was three months and nearly a foot taller than her hadn’t mattered any more than Clef’s being a year older.

And, if he was being honest… Clef was feeling rather shaky, and his head was beginning to feel stuffed with wool again – curling up and going to sleep sounded like a good idea right about now, even if he felt pathetic about it.

“…fine. I’ll have a futon in the spare room, though – I’m not turfing you out of your own bed.” He added, remembering where he had woken up.

“Fine. You should go get ready to sleep, if you’ve eaten enough...” And at some point, the two of them had decided that age really didn’t matter, that one extra little brother to look out for wasn’t too hard, when split between two of them, and that Clef definitely needed someone to look after him. Despite him being the year above them at school.

It was no different now, as he found himself ushered into first his nightclothes, and then bed. The first person to sit with him was Zagato, a dark silhouette by the window, reading by the faintest of glow-lights.

It wasn’t long before Clef was drowsing off, the room drifting away from him, and the warmth of the light quilt, the ache in his shoulders, all becoming unimportant.

end chapter two
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