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Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Pairing: Eventual Clemi
Rating: 12/13ish. I think.
Notes: Japanese University au with magic! XD
Disclaimer: I don’t own Magic Knight Rayearth or any of the characters portrayed in it. They belong to CLAMP, and are being used for 'creative purposes' only, as allowed. (see the legal information on clamp-net.com) All hail CLAMP! ^^

Summary: Clef is a mage whose powers are bound, a student perpetually unable to get his docterate because of it, and the frustration is killing him. Until an undergrad crashes - literally - into his life, a water mage called Umi, who accidentally kicks his life back into motion.

Chapter One

The first time Mazda Clef met Ryuuzaki Umi was when she ran him over.

He was walking out of the mage department office on campus when she came around the corner from the bicycle park, going rather too fast, and yelling something he didn’t catch at the person behind her – he had time to register a smudge of blues and white – and then he was lying on his back, a few feet away; his body aching and his memory of the last few seconds utterly blank.

“Oh, god! Are you alright?” The girl yelped, leaping off her bike before it even stopped moving and letting it clatter down against a wall as she sprinted back to him. “Are you okay? I didn’t see you! God, I’m sorry - you’re bleeding. Here, I’ve got a handkerchief somewhere…” And she fell to her knees beside him, her skirt fluttering a little at the movement.

Clef blinked as she began to search her pockets, and his head began to throb loudly, in time with his heart. He winced, a short moan caught in his throat, and she looked back to him.

“Oh my god, don’t tell me I’ve brain damaged a student… say something! Anything!”

Clef’s head was pounding, fuzzy, and it took him a few tries to make his throat work right. It did, though, in the end. Sort of. “T- that skirt really isn’t appropriate for riding a bicycle in.”

The girl stared at him as he blinked, fairly bemused at what he’d said – while she flushed a deep red, her eyes narrowing to blue slits. “Why, you – you pervert!” She went to hit him across the head, only to stop when it registered that he was collapsed on the floor with a possible concussion, and that hitting him probably wouldn’t help. “I didn’t mean anything like that, you pervert! I meant your name, or who the prime minister is, or something!”

As her voice rose in volume, it rose in pitch - Clef flinched as his head stabbed again briefly, and glared up at her. “I have a probable mild concussion, your voice is far too shrill to be a help in any way, and I don’t know who the prime minister is because the election’s tomorrow. I probably wouldn’t be able to vote now thanks to you. Thank you so much! Besides… its true.” Which it was, really, the skirt in question being fairly short and ruffled. Not that it ever seemed to stop a Japanese student – and not that it was polite to mention.

“Pfft. You can’t be that bad if you’re well enough to lose your temper.” She snapped back, a little relieved, and apparently deciding to ignore any inappropriate comments.

“You’d be surprised. And this is not me losing my temper.” You’d probably be ten miles down the road if that happened, he added silently

“Yeah, yeah… hold still a moment, anyway.” The girl produced a clean handkerchief from somewhere and leant forwards over it for a moment, clasping a corner of the material tightly between her fingers. Her eyes fell nearly closed; just a glint of blue was visible through her lashes and the long strands of her hair which tipped over her shoulder slowly and pooled in her lap.

Clef blinked, and was about to ask what she was doing when he felt the air about him shiver, suddenly; a finger of: cold slipped down his spine – and then it was gone, and she was pressing the now-dampened cloth to his forehead.

The stab of pain from a gash he hadn’t known about before stopped his voice in his throat, before he could say anything. But he saw the design stitched neatly into the corner of the cloth, and sighed – of course she was a mage. An undergraduate in his department, almost certainly. No one else ever used the tiny gate here behind their block…

Which was probably why no one had been past since the accident. Then… hadn’t she been yelling at someone? They must’ve gone somewhere…

She had power, too, if he could sense such a small working even now he…

“There,” she muttered, leaning over him and frowning at his forehead. “That’s clean, at least; it doesn’t look bad anyway, and it hasn’t bled much, for a head wound…” She was utterly focused, ignoring even the hair falling into her face. Clef gazed up her again, feeling dazed, still, and beginning to be more than a little giddy.

“… Thank you.” He murmured, and her eyes flicked to his at the soft tone. She looked… hesitant, now, all of a sudden. Almost… anxious?

“… I- ” She stopped, cleared her throat… and was interrupted before she could speak again by the sound of speeding footsteps, and a shout.

“ Umi! Hey, Umi! I brought some help – is he okay?”

Clef turned his head to look, then regretted it as the headache got worse. There was… well, a girl who looked almost like a high schooler, bouncing on the spot nervously, beside…

He sighed with relief, recognizing the head of the student mages.

He’d never been so relieved to see Zagato in his life, and that included the time Ferio and Lantis wound up getting all three of them in a police cell one evening. “Hi,” he managed, putting on a wry smile for his friend as Zagato loomed over him, a forbidding shadow with his black coat on, and his dark hair loose about him.

“What the hell have you gotten yourself into this time, then?” Zagato rumbled, settling on his knees the opposite side of Clef to the girl – Umi, he guessed. Clef frowned, briefly, then dropped it when the expression hurt.

“I didn’t do anything this time! It wasn’t my fault at all!

Zagato snorted. “That’ll be a first – without Ferio around, at least.”

“Or Lantis. Do not forget the amount of times your brother has gotten me in trouble, if you please. You of all people should know that straight face of his is a mask…”

“Hhmph.” Zagato sounded as amused as he ever did in public, which at least meant he couldn’t think Clef was hurt too badly… Zagato’s hand on his forehead was blissfully cold against the heat of the pounding within it, and he felt himself relaxing as a wave of coolness washed over him.

The healing spell left him drifting, fuzzy, but aching less – and his headache had faded a long way from murderous. His eyes fluttered shut, slowly, the lids suddenly weighed down. “You’ve got better at that.” He murmured, barely aware that the girl sat beside him was now shifting nervously.

“Come on, let’s get you up-” He was lifted into a sitting position, the taller man moving around to give him a living backrest as Clef slumped against him, virtually boneless. “You don’t feel sick, do you?”

“Noooooooo…” Clef slurred, and felt Zagato’s chest shake with suppressed laughter, though he couldn’t think enough to understand why.

“Of course I’ve been practising healing spells, you idiot – between you, Ferio and my brother they’re always a good thing to be decent at. And it’s easy enough to improve with Emeraude helping me – we’re going to go see her in a moment, because I’m fairly certain you have a concussion, and you’re probably going to try to kill me when you come out of this anyway.” Again, he shook a little with laughter. “You know, the day we figure out just why you act like you’ve been heavily drugged to every healing spell going, either we’ll rid the world of disease, or it’ll end.”

“Shut uuuup.” Clef muttered, absently, letting his head slid to rest under Zagato’s chin. “Sides, won’t be yoooou, it’ll be your giiiiirlfriend…”

Zagato sighed, his breath fluffing the top of Clef’s hair out of place, and must have turned to the girls – Clef didn’t care, the conversation now passing entirely over his head as his mind slipped into a hazy, sleepy muddle and he drowsed.

“Is he… will he be alright? I mean, I hit him fairly hard – I just didn’t see him! I can’t believe-“

“It was an accident, Umi! It’ll be okay, right?”

“Your friend is right, Miss Ryuuzaki; knowing his idiot, he wasn’t looking where he was going, either. He’ll be absolutely fine in a day or so, do not worry.”

“…You’re sure?”


“Does he really… he always reacts like this? To healings? I’ve never seen anyone do that before – I’m not sure he’s even conscious, and…”

“He really does, don’t concern yourself about that.”
The form Clef was resting on shook again, and he curled closer, annoyed that it wouldn’t stay still. Zagato moved his hand to support Clef better. “He’s been like this since he was a child. He should start coming out of it in a moment or two – the spell I used wasn’t very strong, mainly just a pain block. Still, he’ll have a hangover tomorrow morning, probably.”

Clef scowled. Zagato sounded far too cheerful about that, and he struggled to pay attention. “Well, I’d better get him to see Emeraude – she’s taking her advanced phD here, she’s better at this kind of thing than the clinic.”

“Un. One of our friends is being tutored by her, she always says she’s never seen a doctor so good – but how are you going to get him there? He’s in no shape to walk… should we go fetch someone? Or…”

“It’s fine; I’ll just carry him. He’s hardly the bulkiest person around.”

“…That’s true enough.”

…carry him?

Oh, no way in hell!

Clef’s eyes sprang open, and he shoved himself away from Zagato in a rush – before his limbs were fully coordinated, and he ended up falling onto the girl who’d knocked him down, slumped across the floofy skirt he’d noticed earlier. At this moment, he didn’t care – he was not going through that again!

To her credit, Umi didn’t drop him, or even shove him away when she found herself with a lap full of barely conscious mage – she grabbed him, instead, as he began to slip to the ground. Not that he really noticed it just then.

“You are NOT carrying me!” Squeaked Clef, eyes wide, staring up at both versions of a blinking Zagato that he could see as the world span around him. “Not after what happened last time! No way in hell!”

“…Last time?” Zagato asked, confused, as Umi dragged Clef up until he could lean against her shoulder, swaying slightly.

The world was revolving faster and faster below him, and even when Clef forced his eyes to focus the giddy spinning feeling didn’t go away, but he refused to slump back completely against an absolute stranger – more because it would give Zagato more incentive to pick him up than anything else. “Last time. Lantis carried me across campus, on his shoulder, for all of two minutes – do you know how long it took the rumours to die down? Four months!

“Oh.” Zagato’s eyes cleared, and he nearly smiled. “I remember. It’s hardly the same, though. You were singing, and it was night.”

“I was very, very drunk. ” Clef announced, carefully, wincing at the memory – and the memory of the next morning, and the worst hangover he’d had in his life. (Not that he’d had many, being a mage who tended to blow things up – that time had been just after he’d come out the hospital, and had seemed a good idea.) “And then Lantis dropped me.”

“It’s still not the same, and you’re not getting out of this – it’s Friday afternoon, there’s hardly anyone left on campus, and those who are aren’t going to be paying attention. Besides, practically everyone here knows about Emeraude and I.”

“So? Lantis was going out with that Alcione woman back then, and that didn’t stop anything.” Clef tried to shrink away as Zagato reached out, and was glared at. “That doesn’t work on me. I knew you when you were five years old.”

“Then you know better than to make me call Emeraude to come get you.”

“…” Stupid know-it-all tall people… Clef was trying to find an argument when his vision began to break up, painfully, black and grey sparks dancing before his eyes. Leaning harder against the probably very confused girl, he closed his eyes tightly, and tried to concentrate himself into not being giddy, without much success.

“Come on, Clef. The sooner we go, the sooner it’ll be done.” Zagato rumbled, and Clef didn’t fight when he felt himself being picked up, concentrating too hard on trying to remain conscious. It was annoying that Zagato could do this, pick him up in his arms as if he was carrying a child, or something – but it let Clef lay his head against the solid warmth of Zagato’s shoulder, and he supposed that was a benefit.

Zagato couldn’t have taken more than a few steps when the girl’s voice stopped him. “We…do I have to report this? To the police, or security, or anything. I mean, he got hurt, so-” She sounded frightened, and Clef began to regret making a fuss and looking like this in front of her.

“It’s alright.” He creaked out, not even trying to open his eyes. “It’s not that bad – besides, I never have to pay for medical treatment, and I’m hardly going to report you. It was an accident, that’s all.”

“As he says, it’s fine.” Rumbled Zagato’s voice, and the girl must have nodded because he turned and began to walk again.

In the background, Clef just barely heard the small “…thank you.”

end chapter one

(Yes, I'm using the car names to grab family names and the like. XD)

Date: 2007-01-13 05:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] milieva.livejournal.com
LOVE!!! Just what the fandom needs. A proper AU fic. I am sqeeing with glee. ^.^ Very nice opening scene.

And this is not me losing my temper

Most perfect Clef line ever.

Date: 2007-01-14 03:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weylewey.livejournal.com
Thank you! YAY, someone likes it!

XD I'm going to post it on ffn in a bit, too... I just want a better title first. ^^; I can change it here so much easier...

(The temptation to go with something random and japanese is very strong. XD But I like titles that have at least SOMETHING to do with the story, so...) If I have nothing in a week or so, I'll probably go with 'untie the knot' or something. ^^;

(I must put fic on dnt, too. ^^; At least finished things - I want to hold off on PY etc until they're done and revised, and have a better polished version up? But PY is So Damn Long. *growl*)

Date: 2007-01-21 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ryuuza-emiko.livejournal.com
Haha, what a funny start! ^-^ I love it! I wish I could write as well as you could...

"And this is NOT me losing my temper."

Haha, that was just classic! ^_^ Keep up the good work!

Date: 2007-01-22 05:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weylewey.livejournal.com
XD Thank you!

(...and your icon is making me giggle uncontrollably. XD)


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