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Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Pairing: Clemi
Rating: 15/R-ish. I think.
Notes: another drabbly thing. Um. I can't write smut, but every so often I try anyway?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Magic Knight Rayearth or any of the characters portrayed in it. They belong to CLAMP, and are being used for 'creative purposes' only, as allowed. (see the legal information on clamp-net.com) All hail CLAMP! ^^

A blossom lay fallen at Clef’s feet. He stooped, took it, smiled at Umi… and her heart stopped.

A hand tucking a pale, blue-white blossom behind her ear, two gentle fingers trailing over her cheekbone, her lips, as they slipped away, and that was all it took to bring back the memories, images: so many dreams, filled with those too-blue eyes and delicate fingers. Dreams that swallowed her whole and engulfed her, filled with the best (and worst) vividity she’d ever known. Every sensation… too real.

Lips on hers, the slickness of a tongue, the heat of a body pressed so close to hers that it ached, felt right. A bite on her neck, a lick swiped across her cheek as those eyes laughed down at her, then turned darker as his hands slipped lower on her back, gripped, lifted her and she leant into him and bit at his ear, wrapped her legs around his waist, pressed her skin to his as they –

Stood in the gardens, staring at each other, only the most innocent of touches passing between them while the others were around… wondering hard if the dreams were dreams at all, if the other knew.


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